Communication Committee

This Vestry committee is responsible for maintaining, further developing, and utilizing both internal and external church related communications.  The following are the primary methods utilized in providing written communications:

  • Announcements at the end of the Sunday service bulletins
  • Trinity Church Facebook page
  • Group emails
  • U.S. Mail
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Trinity Church website

Committee members include Chrystal Ziegler (Church Administrative Assistant), Peggy Coffey, Linda Mickevicius, and Tom Sharp.  Additional volunteers, Mary Brockway and Jamie Slutzkin, provide assistance as their other commitments and schedules allow.

Committee Meeting Schedule:  The committee meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 PM in the church office.

Main Contact Persons:  Chrystal Ziegler or Tom Sharp.

Communication Committee

Funeral Receptions

As an extension of our Trinity family support, the Women of Trinity provide after-funeral mass receptions for family and friends.  Individual needs, means and wishes are considered when planning this time of support and togetherness.  Some families hire a caterer to provide a luncheon, while we work with other families to offer limited food, or an organized “pot-luck” meal.  Generous parish support in providing food and support at this difficult time helps our members realize the love and caring that we have for each other.  Please contact the church office if you are interested in donating your time when things come up and help is needed.

Funeral Receptions

Flower Committee

The sanctuary of our church is adorned every week with God’s gift of real flowers. The flowers come from parishioners in “Thanksgiving or in Memory”. Part of the groups job is to find out cost information, kind or color of flowers, and which florist. The liners for the vases are taken to the florist. The flowers arrive Saturday morning and a member of our Altar Guild sets them up on the sanctuary. The flowers from the week before can be set up in other areas around the church, if they have lasted. Watering and cleaning up the flowers is also needed during the week.  Extra time is taken for flowers at Christmas, Easter, weddings, and funerals.  If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact the church office.

Flower Committee

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee purpose is to coordinate all groups/committees within the parish to enable proper communication in regards to the worship schedule and committee functions like Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Trinity Sunday, Pentecost, Holy Days, Baptisms and Confirmation.  There are also additional parishioners attending the Worship Committee meetings who have shown an interest in the Liturgy. The responsibility for many liturgical decisions is now lies mostly with the Vestry. Meetings are not on a regular basis but as deemed necessary and determined by various members. If you have an interest in being a part of this ministry through being an acolyte or usher or in any other way, contact persons are Senior Warden, Fr. Joe and Harry Richter.

Worship Committee

Altar Guild (St. Catherine’s Guild)

The Altar Guild is one of the most vital ministries at Trinity today.  Mass does not happen until the Altar Guild shows up on Saturday morning and prepares for Sunday morning celebrations.  Teams rotate working once a month and will prepare vestments, utensils, and Sacraments for Eucharist the next day.

You can join in the preparation by participating in very spiritual work that has been called true prayer.  Setting up Mass and understanding the colors on the Altar, the water in the carafe, the candles on the Altar is a fulfilling ministry.  Every item and motion involves a faithful and traditional meaning.

This ministry is gender neutral and fairly age limitless!

The team members are listed below.  If you wish to learn more please approach any of our current member listed below.

Team 1:  Laurie Galbraith & Beverly Richter

Team 2:  Jeanne Hoyle &

Team 3:   Kim Goethals & Kathy Townley

Team 4:  Janet Sharp & Laurie Galbraith

*Sunny G. Orbovich, Kathy Rutkowski & Charmian Melnick.

Altar Guild

Eucharistic Visitor Ministry (formerly Lay Eucharistic Visitor)

When communion is taken to people who are in the hospital, in a facility, or in their home it is considered special communion.  Bread and wine blessed at the altar are taken and shared with those who could not be with us due to illness or injury.  It is a way of sharing and extending the table we have shared together in church on Sunday.  It is an important way to be inclusive and loving to those in our congregation. It can feel isolating and difficult when there is a reason you cannot join our church family on Sunday.  By taking communion and sharing a short special service with them, you are acting as a part of the body of Christ.  It is a ministry of presence, healing, and hope. This is a ministry of lay people who are working together with the priest to help all members feel important and included. If you are not comfortable sharing communion but would be willing to call or visit people who are homebound, there is always a need for that too.

We normally go out in pairs, so you would be with someone who has shared communion before. Prayerfully consider if God might be leading you to participate with us in this ministry.  If you like more information or have questions, please feel free to contact Kathy Townley at cell 405-747-5123

Eucharistic Visitor Ministry

Property Committee

The Property committee is tasked with keeping up with maintenance needs of our buildings and grounds, then making suggestions to the Vestry about repair projects needed. Current members are Tom Sharp, Phil Coffey, Mark Sanders and Paul Townley. Any parish member is welcome to join us. At this time our regular scheduled meeting is the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:00 am in the church office. We get together every Tuesday to fix or repair what we can and in summer we mow grass. This is a very satisfying ministry to our parish and after working we usually have lunch and fellowship at a local eatery. Please join us sometime if you can.

Property Committee


Vestry is the lay leadership of the church.  Members of the parish are elected to serve on this leadership council much in the same way we elect leadership to serve on government councils.  The Vestry has its own leadership structure made up of the Junior and Senior Wardens. The Wardens, Vestry and the clergy round out the whole leadership of the parish and provide Spiritual and Material leadership in conjunction with the Bishop of the diocese.

Typically, Vestries meet once a month to discuss the needs of the moment and plan responses to those needs with the clergy.  They are responsible for the churches finances and for orderly execution of the church’s material obligations. They also bear responsibility for the care and maintenance of the church property.  The Vestry also works with the Bishop in the case of clergy vacancies to find and hire resident clergy.

At Trinity, members can serve on the vestry for a maximum of 6 years and while some do, most terms are 3 years.  The Vestry is always looking for interested members to serve, so if you have gifts of leadership and the desire to be a part of the vestry, please let a current vestry member know so our nominating committee can consider you for the next vestry election, in January of each new year.

The work of the church while directed by the vestry and clergy is not done exclusively by that body.  The vestry identifies and recruits committees to spread the work load to able people throughout the parish.  These various committees are more task oriented and retain a connection to the vestry through a vestry member that is a liaison to the vestry itself.  The vestry member may serve as the committee chair, but often does not. These committees are recruiting members all year round and membership is not elected but voluntary.


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