Pastor Joseph Tamborini Czolgosz

Father Joe standing in front of church on Ash Wednesday.Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, my Polish Roman Catholic heritage provided me with a strong set of familial, religious, cultural and social, middle-class norms mediated through my family. I completed undergraduate studies at University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, with a BA in English Literature and Philosophy. Catholic University, Washington, D.C. provided my Graduate and Doctoral studies in Theology and Ministry. Ordained in 1976, I served for fourteen years as a priest, pastoring various churches and providing administrative leadership for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saginaw. I completed two ACPE residencies, first as chaplain, then as a CPE supervisor-in-training. In my transition from congregational to health care ministry, I chose to resign my role as Roman Catholic priest. I served for nearly ten years as an ACPE supervisor and lay Catholic chaplain, certified by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Susan Tamborini and I married in 1993. We adopted our daughter Clare at her birth in 1997, and welcomed Susan’s mother Argia as part of our household in the same year.

Our faith journey as family led us into communion with St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Park Ridge, IL, in 1999. In the course of our family membership, this community called me back into ordained ministry as a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago in 2003. With Episcopal Church endorsement and commission for my ministry in acute-care hospitals, I re-aligned my Board Certified Chaplain status with the Association of Professional Chaplains. Beginning in 2003 then, I continued to work as a chaplain and CPE supervisor in acute-care hospitals during the week. On weekends, I served as supply priest at Chicago area churches until 2015. In this year I left full-time acute-care health ministry, CPE management and supervision of ministry formation.

I returned to full-time work parish ministry as an Interim Pastor at St. Charles Episcopal Church, St. Charles, IL. When I completed my work there in January of 2016, Susan and I moved to South Bend, IN, anticipating this as our home for eventual retirement. I enjoy the outdoors and regularly run, walk, and cycle the area Forest Preserves. Susan and I share these activities with Clare, as well as our interests in camping/hiking, swimming, landscape gardening, home remodeling, and golf. My professional interests center on research-informed spiritual care, transformational leadership, diversity as resource, and critical reflection on cultural and religious trends.