Prayer Chain Ministry

The prayer chain is currently a group of ten people who have committed to pray daily for many aspects of our church including: clergy and lay leadership, ministry within the church, and outreach efforts/ministries of Trinity. We also pray for people and concerns shared with us by parish members. Many requests that come through the prayer chain are confidential and these will stay that way.  Any new requests to the prayer chain we will be following up to see if it is okay to offer first names on Sunday. We are still getting organized but we anticipate some defined number of weeks a name will remain on the prayer list and then roll off, unless we are notified of a reason to add them again or some agreed amount of time.

We offer prayers on a regular on-going basis for those individuals that are homebound and those serving in the military.

Please let us know if you have questions or want to share a concern we can pray for.


Prayer Request Form